If you love the sea, you love nature, our unique heritage that we must all commit to respecting and safeguarding. This is why Jesolo’s Marina Resort pays due attention to environmental issues and has signed up to the global PlasticLess project, which aims to contribute to reducing pollution in Italy’s seas by collecting plastic waste in the waters around harbours and yacht clubs.

Three LifeGate Seabins have been positioned in the marina (two fixed + one mobile). These are floating
garbage bins that are able to collect approximately 1.5 kg of debris per day, equivalent to over 500 kg of waste per year, including  micro plastics  measuring between 5 and 2 mm in diameter and 0.3- mm microfibres.

Seabin can also collect household waste, preventing this from entering the open sea, such as cigarette butts, which are also unfortunately very common in our waters. LifeGate’s Seabins are immersed in the water and are fixed to a jetty, with the upper part of the device resting on the surface: thanks to the spontaneous action of the wind, the currents and Seabin’s
strategic position, debris is channelled directly inside the device. The water pump, connected to the base of the unit, is able to process 25,000 litres of sea water every hour. Waste is collected in the bag, which can hold up to a maximum of 20 kg, whereas the water runs through the pump and
returns to the sea. When the bag is full, it is emptied and cleaned. It works 24 hours a day.