Partnership with Italian Yacht Store

With a view to continuing to improve its range of services, Jesolo’s Marina Resort has officially launched its partnership with Italian Yacht Store - the area's exclusive dealer of the Ferretti, Ferretti Custom, Itama, Moki Craft and Pershing brands - which, from this year, will have its own representation office at the marina’s reception.



Do you want to sell your used yacht but don't know where to turn?

Place yourself in the hands of Italian Yacht Store, with a service designed for anyone who wants to sell their luxury boat but isn't quite sure of the necessary steps to follow.

Entrusting your boat to Italian Yacht Store means not having worry about a thing: our team will create the technical data sheet for you, as well as searching for potential buyers and even completing the relative negotiations, which can often be lengthy and stressful.
What are you waiting for? Visit the page dedicated to this service and you'll find all the information you need.


Italian Yacht Store also has a vast range of yachts for sale. New yachts on sale include Ferretti Yachts, Pershing, Itama and Custom Line brands.

Thanks to its partnership with Jesolo's Marina Resort, chosen by the Ferretti Group to showcase some of the most luxurious yachts in its fleet, Italian Yacht Store is an accredited company that can satisfy the requirements of anyone interested in the world of boating.

Visit the website and discover the complete range of services. 


Mooring partnership between Jesolo Marina Resort and the Santelena Marina in Venice

Venice and Jesolo, Jesolo and Venice. With the sea and the lagoon in-between. Passion becoming attraction, desire. A sensation that brings to life the proverbial link between us and the sea - simply get on a boat and voila, freedom is yours. Only those who can appreciate the smell of the sea and the sea breeze can really understand the emotions you get here, the same emotions that can be experienced today through “slow tourism”, which is something that those who sail (or, more simply, those who enjoy boat rides) know all too well.

In the context of giving substance to something that is more than just enjoyment, more than just sailing on the sea, but is rather a real way of life, Marina Santelena in Venice and the Jesolo Marina Resort have given the green light to a so-called “mooring partnership”, meaning privileged moorings for those who want to experience not only the sea, but also the places it leads to. Like Venice, in this case. Or Jesolo.

Today more than ever, excellence is measured through the quality of services, which is precisely why these two marinas have decided to come together and provide their customers with the dream solution of two extraordinary locations.

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