Jesolo Ambient Bike

Jesolo is an environmentally friendly city and it's extremely easy to get around by bike thanks to the network of cycle paths stretching over 500km, taking enthusiasts on a journey to discover the local area. Jesolo Ambient Bike offers 12 cycling routes.

Orange route: 23.6 km. Itinerary covering the Piave and Sile rivers, MTB recommended.

Red route: 21.4 km. From the seashore to the historical centre, giving you a close insight into Jesolo.

Yellow route: 27 km. An urban itinerary that leads to the pine forest and the village of Cortellazzo.

Green route: 29 km. Discovering the Venetian lagoon, all the way to Lio Maggiore.

Brown route: 34 km. From Jesolo to Cavallino and Punta Sabbioni.

Light blue route: 30 km. This is the Great War itinerary, discovering the area’s historical heritage.

Purple route: 24 km. This route winds its way around the area’s oldest villages, all the way to Lio Piccolo.

Route 11: 40 km. This is the route around the lagoon. Pontoon Boat is a boat that transports cyclists and their bikes, connecting Lio Maggiore with Lio Piccolo and Lio Maggiore with Cavallino.

Blue route: 23 km. To discover the vast countryside along Jesolo’s hinterland.

Lilac route: 27 km. This is the Great Reclamation route, allowing you to pedal along the countryside that used to be marshes in ancient times.

Grey route: 38 km. From Eraclea Mare to Caorle, this route allows you to discover the wild nature of Mort Island.

Pink route: 17 km. Starting from the village of Cortellazzo to then go back along the Piave river.

Average nautical distances

  • Venice: 11 miles
  • Caorle: 15 miles
  • Lignano: 31 miles
  • Trieste: 50 miles
  • Porto Rose: 55 miles
  • Rovinj: 51 miles
  • Pola: 63 miles

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